Where to buy traditional cricket flannels

flannels at FlannelsFlannelled trousers are notoriously difficult to find. So if you weren’t lucky enough to get a tailored pair last year, or if you’ve changed shape since then, here’s a recommendation for a pair which come up a close second to Savile Row flannels. And they’re not even a tenth of the price, either…!

If you’ve ever searched for traditional cricket whites in a sports shop, chances are you could only find them made from polyester, perhaps with a draw-string waist, a blue line down the side and wide flapping ankles. ¬†They are shapeless and functional, without any style or grace. A query to the shopkeeper might get the familiar answer – “Oh no, they don’t make traditional-cut cricket trousers any more. These are the current fashion.”

They may be fashionable for people who don’t mind how they turn out on a cricket pitch, but the game has always been heralded for its traditions, and since we can’t all profess to be professionals, can’t we at least enjoy it for the traditions we admire?

Happily there is a solution. It is hidden in a sport you might not relate to cricket, but for which the same (or similar) trousers are used: Bowles.

Click the button below to solve the riddle and get your very own pair of well-cut traditional bowles/cricket trousers. OK they’re not quite as good as a pair made and measured in Savile Row but they have the cut and style of cricket flannels, unlike those you will find in a cricket shop. They also come with belt loops, so you can afford to go a little large on the waist to be sure there’s room for a thigh pad…

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