Photos to View from Flannels 2015

_DSC482510541023A wide range of photos have come in from our three dedicated photographers at Flannels for Heroes 2015. They capture the atmosphere, the laughter and the banter of the event, as well as the seriousness of its causes.

Our thanks go to David Betteridge, Dan Pullan and Dan Stevens for working so hard to create a keepsake for us of this special day.


There are a lot of them. If you were there at Flannels on 19th June, chances are you’re in at least one photo. They can be viewed in galleries by photographer:

David BetteridgeDan StevensDan Pullan 


Dockers’ pledge for 20% on sales continues until 4th July. We too are taking donations until then. To see what figure we’re up to, for Combat Stress and Walking with the Wounded, Press Here.


We welcome your feedback. Be it trivial, bizarre, hysterical or grave, Flannels owes its success to its guests, its cricketers and its suppliers. Whichever you are, let us know what you think of Dockers Flannels for Heroes:

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