Matthew Crawley

Mr Crawley Seen at Tailors

Matthew CrawleyDan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, was seen getting measured up for cricket whites this week sparking rumours of a Downton connection at Flannels For Heroes.

The next series of Downton Abbey will be filmed during June, and its not yet known who of the cast will be available to come to Flannels on 15th June, but Mr Crawley’s appearance at the tailors is a clear sign of intent.

Dan Stevens is known to have a love of cricket, as do several others ov the Downton cast, and there is a clear link between the celebrated TV series, in which the Abbey itself is used as a World War 1 hospital, and Heroes charities.

The first team to announce completion (with a full side of 11) is WHEB Group. For the full line up of bios and player pics in Ben Goldsmith’s team, Click Here.


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