Flannels on Hold…

20130616-Flannels4Heroes-0582000There is no Flannels for Heroes in 2016.

Following two years of sponsorship by Dockers®, Flannels has become a favourite in the summer calendar but has no sponsor in 2016. We are therefore seeking title and associate sponsors for a strong return in 2017.

Thanks to all friends of Flannels for their kind support, and especially to those who have worked tirelessly in our quest for sponsors this year. There is no doubting the sense of passion which has been generated for the causes and for the event as a whole. However, external factors have made it difficult for companies to commit sponsorship funding this year.

The 24th June is the day of the EU referendum result, and there will be no Flannels for Heroes that day. Whatever the result, we aim to return with a bigger and better event in 2017.

Sponsorship news and plans will be posted here in due course. In the meantime, if you wish to help us and get behind the event next year, do get in touch.



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Flannels For Heroes